Create Personalized Memories From All The Special Locations In Your Life

Fb_041115_HexLatitudeMany of my Origami Owl customers have been using In{script}ions to create memories of specific locations. GPS coordinates are available in numbers, select symbols (degree, commas, spaces) or uppercase N, S, E, W letters only.
Think first date, first home, college, hometown, birthplace, wedding location. The list goes on and on!

The “degree” symbol can be used on any In{script}ions style to tell your story and share your script! It works with most all templates except Plate template l. Below, you’ll find a handy how-to guide! So… get your DIY on!

Need help finding your location?  Here is a link to a website that gives GPS coordinates

The Origami Owl  In{script}ions Hexagram  offers a special template that is exclusive just to GPS coordinates. To create this look, you will want to choose  “template b”  . The Origami Owl Take Out Menu states that Hexagram template b is 21 characters MAX… but  to give a more accurate data point  the character restrictions have been increased to be 25 characters MAX.

How to Make the degree symbol from a PC:
Using a standard keyboard, hold down the ALT key and at the same time type in 0176 using the ten-finger keypad to the right.

How to Make the degree symbol from a PC laptop:
Hold down the FN and ALT keys at the same time, then use the alternative keyboard to type in the number combination for the degree symbol (0176).

How to Make the degree symbol  from a MAC:
Hold down the OPTION key at the same time type the letter k.

Do not use the Alt Character Degree symbol by typing in alt+248 as this will not inscribe on our machines – only use the keystrokes noted above.

I hope you enjoy making personalized memories from all the special locations in your life!

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