Getting Creative with Origami Owl Inscriptions

Origami Owl Inscriptions Character Kitty

Origami Owl Inscriptions Character Kitty

In{script}ions by Origami Owl® allows you to create a personalized message on Plates and Locket Bases. How fun would it be to use  keyboard symbols to create an adorable image!?  I am loving this adorable look.

Here is a quick tutorial that shows  how to use Template F for Medium + Large Plates to create this cute kitty using everyday keyboard symbols! Just follow the instructions below!

kitty catLine 1: SPACE + forward slash + back slash + underscore + forward slash + back slash + SPACE(7 characters)

Line 2: Left parenthesis + equal + apostrophe + lowercase x + apostrophe + equal + right parenthesis (7 characters)

Line 3: Left parenthesis + quotation mark + right parenthesis + underscore + left parenthesis + quotation mark + right parenthesis (7 characters)

Helpful tips:

  • The back slash is often hard to find. It’s just above the enter key on your PC.
  • The underscore is created by holding shift and hitting the dash key in the number row on your PC.
  • Don’t forget the SPACE when you start Line 1 or your kitty’s ears will be off center!

Origami Owl Inscriptions Character Key:

Forward slash /
Back slash \
Underscore _
Left parenthesis (
Right parenthesis )
Equal =
Lowercase x
Quotation mark

I am delighted to be your Origami Owl Independent Designer.  Visit and start your In{script}ions order today!

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