In{script}ions By Origami Owl – Customizable Plates + Locket Bases

In{script}ions™ by Origami Owl®.   Now there is a way to make your story unforgettable with our *new* customizable Plates and Locket Bases!   This is a really unique way to personalize the perfect gift for the ones that you love.

Steps To Creating the perfect Origami Owl Inscription look

Step 1: Choose an Inscription Locket Base or Plate (or both) to inscribe.

Step 2: Choose your favorite template and  decide what combination of letters, numbers and symbols you want to have inscribed.  Please Note:  spaces are characters.

Step 3: Add to your  story by using charms, dangles and the perfect chain!

You can learn more about the Origami Owl Inscriptions collection by clicking here:

Steps to Creating Origami Owl Inscriptions Origami Owl Inscriptions Perfect for Personalized Gifts


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