It’s Time To Make Your Holiday Gift List

The holidays are a special time of year to create unforgettable memories that touch our hearts for years to come.
Capture those special holiday moments from years past with a one-of-a-kind, cherished gift this holiday season: an Origami Owl Living Locket®.
This is your chance to tell a story, share a memory, and create a keepsake that will be remembered by your loved ones forever!

How to Make Your Gift {List}

I recommend you start with a list of the special people in your life who you’d like to honor this holiday season. Here is a sample list:
• Grandmothers
• Aunts
• Sisters
• Teachers
• Friends
• Coaches/Mentors
• Brothers
• Fathers
• Grandfathers
• Uncles

Next, think about a special memory when you recall this person. Using Origami Owl’s limited-edition, Holiday 2015 Charms, customize their story in a Living Locket.
Now you’re ready to shop!

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