Origami Owl Gratitude Locket

Origami Owl Gratitude Locket; Thanksgiving Locket + Charms

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and what better time to celebrate and reflect on what we are most grateful for than now?  Start a family tradition by creating gratitude Lockets with Origami Owl’s Living Lockets® and the new Thanksgiving Collection Charms.

Origami Owl’s  new Thanksgiving Charms include:
• Turkey
• Pumpkin Pie Slice
• Thankful Handprint Turkey
• Limited-Edition “I am thankful for…” In{script}ions™ Plates

Add Charms highlighting your family traditions, the birthstones of your children or grandchildren, and the memories you love about the Thanksgiving season.
You could even take some time around the family dinner table on Thanksgiving to share what you’re grateful for by showing off your Living Locket, whether it’s in a Wrap Bracelet or on a Chain, on an Eternity Lanyard, or on your Bag Clip + Key Chain.

Embrace the season of gratitude and create your story today. Be sure to order your Charms right away so that you have them in time to wear your jewelry during this upcoming month of gratitude.
Here’s how you can get started:
Step 1. Start with:
Charms (they tell your story!)

Step 2. Choose your:
• Living Locket
o Classic Hinge Collection
o Bases + Faces Collection

Step 3. Add your:
• Chain
• Wrap
• Bag Clip + Keychain

Step 4. Layer your story:
• Personalize with In{script}ions Plates (add a meaningful date or nickname)
• Plate or Window Plate
Step 5. Complete the O2 Look:
• Customize a Watch or Dangle Bracelet
• Add Dangles
• Choose Studs, Hoops, Earring Drops or Customizable Earrings

See your Independent Designer for assistance or go to carlanew.origamiowl.com