Origami Owl -We Tell Stories with Jewelry – Humble Beginnings

Origami Owl  did not start out with a  well mapped out business plan.  True story…  We accidentally became the fastest growing direct sales company!!!

Bella (our Founder) at just 14 years old decided she wanted to earn some extra money to purchase a car,  so, she decided to start a business that was focused on  creating lockets filled with charms that told a story of the person wearing it.

And. People. Were. Addicted!!!

After putting together lockets in her room – she needed more space for the demand. She then moved the operation to her kitchen table and then into her garage and eventually upgraded to a kiosk at a local shopping mall.

Hundreds of  women from across the country would stop at this kiosk and say, “I love creating something for myself but I love even more the reaction I get when I gift one of these lockets to someone I love! I’d love for all of my friends + family to be able to do this together – when will this be available in my area!”

And just like that…Origami Owl became a social selling company! We figured if friends wanted to hang out and put together looks…who were we to stop them?!

We didn’t set out to be the fastest growing social sharing company of all time but with products that connect people to the moments in life that matter most…it happened!

P.S. Yes, we still offer opportunities for you to create personalized locket looks with your friends! We haven’t forgotten where we come from!  For more information about Origami Owl, visit my website.