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How To Create an Origami Owl Living Locket

How To Create an Origami Owl Locket

  1.  Choose a Living Locket

Locket Styles
There are two main styles of Origami Owl lockets.  The classic hinged locket that opens on the side like a traditional locket and the twist locket that features interchangeable faces and bases.  Locket faces come with and without crystals.
Origami Owl Twist Locket Face and BaseFilling an Origami Owl Locket with Charms

Origami Owl Twist Locket Face + Base

Origami Owl Locket Metal Colors 
Locket metal colors include Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Black.  Lockets come both with and without crystals and select locket faces are enamel.

Origami Owl Locket Shapes
Origami Owl Lockets come in three sizes and various shapes.

Origami Owl Locket Sizes
The Origami Owl Locket sizes are Mini, Medium and Large

Origami Owl Locket Shapes
Locket shapes include round, heart, octagon and tear drop.

Origami Owl Locket By Size, Shape and Color
2. Choose a Chain 

Origami Owl Chains come in various metal colors and lengths

Chain Lengths
16-18″ Chains (16-18 inch)
18″ Chains (18 inch)
20″ Chains (20 inch)
26-28″ Chains (26-28 inch)
30″ Chains (30 inch)
32″ Chains (32 inch chains)

Chain Metal Colors

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, + Black Leather Cord

Origami Owl Chains Origami owl Chain LengthsOrigami Owl 10 Ways to Wear The Over The Heart Chain

3.  Choose your Charms

Choose from dozens of charm categories including:

Crystals by Swarovski
Signature Flower Crystals
Birthstone Crystals
Signature Hex Crystals
Animal Kingdom (animals, pets)
The Great Outdoors (flowers, leaves, fishing, rainbow, compass)
In Harmony (music charms)
Life’s A Beach  (starfish, shells, palm tree, surfboard charms)
Vintage Treasures (Clock, Gear, Cameo, Rose, Sparrow Charms)
Family First (Family, Mom, Grandma, Nana, In Memory of Charms)
Keep the Faith (Faith, Cross, Religious Charms)
Love Story (Love charms)
Here Comes the Bride (Wedding Charms)
On The Road (Car, Tractor, School Bus, Motor Cycle, Vintage Van, London Bus, Camper/RV charms)
Jet Setting (NV, IL, NC, NY, PA, AZ, VA, MI, GA, TX, FL, OH, CA , airplane, globe, suitcase, Eiffel Tower, American Flag, Canadian Flag, PR Flag, Mexican Flag Charms)
Bon Appetit (Food and Beverage Charms)
Life’s Passions (hobbies and occupation charms, RN, Scrubs, Rolling Pin, Military, Police, Fire, Teacher Charms)
Game Time Sports Charms
Off The Runway Charms
Life’s A Celebration Charms (baby, Sweet 15, Sweet 16, Quince, Horseshoe, Clover/Shamrock, Graduation, Diploma Charms)
Force For Good (awareness charms)
Crystal Silver Initial Charms
Crystal Silver Number Charms
Officially Licensed MLB Charms (National League + American League)

4.  Add a Window Plate, Window Frame or Inscriptions Plate
Optionally you may further customize your locket with a pre-printed metal plate, a window plate or window frame or our amazing Inscriptions plates that can be custom inscribed.

Origami Owl Plates Origami Owl Window Frames Origami Owl Inscription Plates

5.  Add a Dangle, Tag, Plaque or Slider

Clip on a dangle or get creative with an Origami Owl Inscriptions Tag, Plaque or Slider
Origami Owl Dangle LooksOrigami owl Dangles + InscriptionsInscriptions Spring PlatesYou asked! We listened! Origami Owl tags that a male can wear. Personalize this item to tell his story


6. Layer your locket look.
Once you have completed your first locket, you may optionally choose to layer it with other Origami Owl styles

Origami Owl Lockets Layered with 3 chains Origami Owl Layered Chain Look Origami Owl Bracelet Arm Candy Layered Look

7.  Now you are ready to wear your Origami Owl Locket Looks!